Capture, discover, and share insights from conversations

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Stay Present

Capture raw, focused inspiration in the field with automated transcription and custom tags.

Tune In

Discover user behaviors, preferences, and values with customized filters.

Move Together

Share findings with your team through your preferred medium, from apps to even post-it notes

What can Ursa do?


Automatic Transcription

Save time with quality transcripts of your conversations, turned around fast.

Live Tagging

Highlight important moments in the conversation with customizable tags.

Interactive Transcripts

Flip the script with your team by toggling tags to filter insights and re-live key moments with time-stamped audio playback.

Download Interviews

Export your interview audio and transcript for easy access, analysis, and collaboration. Additional app integrations coming soon.

Offline Mode

Capture audio and collaborate offline, then sync your files the next time you're connected.

Data Protection

Breathe easy with securely hosted data storage.

Bring your team closer to your users.

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How it Works!

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Learnings, Not Logistics

Our mission is to build understanding between people. Together with Fortune 500 companies, agencies, and startups, we’re enabling teams to build that understanding through conversation.

Currently, teams use interviews and other conversational forms to learn from their users. But, the logistics of conversation - capturing, interpreting and sharing insights - often get in the way. At Ursa, we’re using automated transcription and collaborative tools to bring teams closer to their users and each other.

Born at Cornell Tech in NYC, Ursa is a team of product creatives with field experience studying user behavior and domain knowledge in natural language processing and machine learning. We’re most excited when we’re talking to users or eating onigiri (though, never at the same time).